Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mexican Independence Day

Happy Mexican Independence Day everyone.  I sincerely mean that.

I also, think, though, that after 200 years of being nominally independent, it is worth reflecting on how independent Mexico really is right now.  Every day in Mexico, people die in the battle between the cartels and the Mexican government.  Each year, prominent public officials resign in fear or resignation to the cartels.

Each day, Mexican nationals die and get arrested trying to cross Mexico's northern border.  Each day, Mexicans go hungry because tortillas and other staple Mexican foods are too expensive.

Now, no nation is without its problems.  On their independence day, however, Mexicans should take a moment to reflect on where these problems have come from.  Is it the policies of the Mexican government, or the efforts of the Mexican people?  No.

It is a liberty-encroaching war on drugs personal choice in the United States.  It is a policy of subsidizing U.S. farmers and encouraging "free" trade in North America and throwing corn, which could feed the poorest of the poor in Mexico, into gas tanks of American-made SUVs (which, by the way, have now been bailed out by the government as well).

So yes, two years of independence is something to celebrate.  But Mexicans and Americans alike today should take a moment to think about how independent Mexico really is.  Stop the War on Drugs, and stop interventionist agricultural policies.  Then, perhaps, we will see a truly independent Mexico.

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