Saturday, May 29, 2010

Free Market at Work

So for everyone who thinks that the government needs to be involved in protecting valuable resources, this article may come as a surprise.  The exact same industry which is accused of endangering king salmon is paying for the study to determine if, in fact, they are responsible.  The free market does, in fact, provide incentives for private industry to become the guardians and safe keepers of our natural resources.  In fact, with a direct stake in the outcome of the study (both in terms of public perception of their primary product, and availability of other potential products), the pollock industry will probably make more of an effort to ensure that the research is completed in a timely way.  Moreover, with funding coming from a limited, and private, source, the study will be more likely to be completed in a cost effective manner than if the government could simply give another grant out of an over-inflated bureaucratic departmental budget.  Kudos to the pollock industry for funding this study.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Affects of Socialism in Europe

I saw this earlier this month and found it interesting.  When advocating for tax increases, increased welfare, or socialized medicine, the American left tends to always point toward Europe, and the supposedly higher standard of living, or at the very least, quality of life, found in Europe.

Having traveled to Europe, it is true that their lifestyle is much different, much more pleasure based, and much more relaxed and happy than our lifestyle here in the U.S.  Or at least in major U.S. cities.

Looking at the numbers though, it soon becomes clear that this is an unsustainable lifestyle, at least as executed in Europe.  Yes, European youth have more free time to explore themselves and the world around them.  Partly because they have a 25% unemployment rate.

While this may seem okay, when the economy takes a dip, where do the funds to support the unemployed youth, vacationing workers, and retired pensioners of Europe come from?  And what is the incentive to be a part of the other 3/4 of the European under 25 crowd, that is, the part of the crowd that works?

The riots in Greece and the bailout talks in the E.U. show the dangers of building a system on public aid and welfare.  The numbers show just how much of a facade the image of backpacking European youth and happy public employees is.